Other Ceremonies

Ceremony surrounds us all through our lives.
The Ceremonial way in which we approach life's activities
results in making them special and meaningful to us.
The perfect Ceremony will not only make these moments special,
but eternally memorable for the rest of your lives.

Other Ceremonies Include ....
Renewal of Vows
Naming Ceremonies

These are just a few ways, we celebrate life...

Naming Ceremony
These ancient ceremonies originally were a rite of passage into the family circle and are appropriate for anyone, at any age.
The ceremonies performed today are a reflection of this tradition.
Although mainly associated with the arrival of a new baby, they can also include adopted and step children and even adults that have chosen to change their name.
This is a very special way of celebrating a new addition with your family, extended family and friends. A chance to celebrate together the joy of a new birth, or a new transition.
It is different from baptisms and christenings, where the celebration is centred around the particular religion involved.
A Naming Ceremony welcomes the individual into the family and community.
It can also allow for cultural expression, participation of family members and inclusion of different aspects of celebration, to make each particular ceremony unique.
The Naming Ceremony is a very rewarding experience for me personally and can be equally rewarding for all those involved.

It is the celebration of a new and exciting beginning in a special someone's life. A starting point from which they will thrive and flourish, with help from their family, guardians and mentors, in the years ahead.

Renewal of Vows
A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a lovely way of reaffirming your love for each other. It can be a small simple ceremony or something more lavish. It is up to you and what you would like to do.
I have done some in the couple's backyard, or a wide variety of venues. To have the chance to reflect on your married life can be a loving and very moving moment to share, not only with each other but with the people you care most about.
It is quite special when a couple's children have the chance to be involved in the Ceremony too.